Tis the season for expressing gratitude and here at Jack’s we are extremely grateful for all of the divers who have become our friends over the past 38 years. It is truly remarkable how diving can bring so many people together and how much joy and possibility this sport breathes into the world. With all the thankfulness in our hearts, we are honored to have been chosen to host a distinguished group of divers known as SUDS divers.

“SUDS” is the registered name of the non-profit organization, Soldiers Undertaking Disabled SCUBA. This awesome organization designed this diving program for service members who were wounded and injured with a permanent physical disability that has completely altered their lives. SCUBA training is a challenging and rewarding endeavor and helps facilitate rehabilitation and allows them liberation from the difficulties of their disabilities present on land by taking them into the weightless oasis below the waves.

Most of the instructors are veterans themselves or American Red Cross Volunteers who endow their skills to their fellow brothers and sisters and thanks to generous donations, no SUDS diver has to pay anything to receive this incredible opportunity. SUDS divers have been diving with Jack’s Diving Locker for years and are some of our most esteemed guests who join us on day trips as well as our night manta trips and even our out-of-this-world Pelagic Magic blackwater trips.

From all of us at Jack’s Diving Locker, we are thankful for our servicemen and women past, present and future.