Servicemembers Undertaking Disabled Sports (SUDS)

  • SUDS is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization which exists solely through charitable donations. 
  • Combined Federal Campaign – National Capital Area CFC # 94754

Established in 2007

The SUDS program is for wounded, ill and injured Veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and have a permanent physical disability. SUDS started at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, where our first SUDS scuba class was offered. Today SUDS is a multi- sport organization and in 2020 relocated to “Military City USA” and is now based in San Antonio, Texas

The guiding principles focus on the betterment of the lives of disabled veterans through active-participation in adventure sports. There is no cost for the veteran and providing a challenging and rewarding adventure can help facilitate the rehabilitation process. SUDS provides access, training and support for SCUBA diving, rock climbing, mountain biking, whitewater sports, backpacking, fishing, canyoneering snow skiing and even yoga.

The SUDS program can also help foster fellowship and camaraderie the Veteran had while on active duty and gives the Veteran an activity that they can enjoy for years to come.

SUDS is a member of MOVE UNITED

The program is designed to help improve the lives of our injured service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan SUDS offers scuba certification programs through Scuba Diving International (SDI). The program is run by a dedicated staff of volunteers who are passionate about helping our injured service members and about the sport of diving.

About Organizations Name

SUDS” is the trademark and registered trade name of the “Servicemembers Undertaking Disabled Sports” program. The name SUDS is not a generic term to describe any adaptive SCUBA program and while there are other programs that offer SCUBA to injured veterans, they are unrelated activities and should not operate under the program name “SUDS”. Furthermore, any other like organization using the name SUDS, or referring to their operation as a “SUDS-like” organization, but operating outside of these installations is unrelated to the “Servicemembers Undertaking Disabled Sports” program.